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As previously discussed on this blog, I do love being a tourist... Even though I was in fact born and raised in this country, I do love exploring it...

On Thursday we took a trip down to Llandudno, which is a seaside tourist destination... I had been before, but about eight years ago, and so don't remember much due to the fact I was probably complaining about how my feet were hurting or how I needed a drink... My nine year old self would have been surprised to hear that I actually enjoyed these visits in the years to come...

I love being near the sea... I live approximately a 15 minute walk to the nearest shore, and a 10 minute drive to the prettiest one... I can just about see the wind turbines from one of them from my house (living on a hill has it's advantages) Maybe it would have been easier to walk down to the beach from my house rather than driving for an hour and a half to get to a more commercial one... but hey, it was a day out.

My mum used to live in Llandudno, as she went to college there, so we had our own little tour guide, showing us where she used to live, and work, and shop, and drink... It made me wonder about what's coming up in the next year for me... Exciting times...

Thursday was beautiful! Despite me being ill... (yes still) I had a really lovely day, and it was great to see my uncle and cousins who I only see about twice a year due to (very) long distances... The views from the top of the Great Orme were amazing...

Mum & Dad

Did you go anywhere nice this week? Let me know!


  1. love the photos and i looks like you had a great time :)
    A Beautiful Zen

  2. wow! It looks beautiful!!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  3. Such pretty pictures! I love the UK :)

  4. I gotta say, I really love your blog! I had a bit of a look through some of your posts and it's gorgeous. Love your photography <3

  5. Stunning views! I was in Whitby, North Yorkshire, last weekend which actually looks quite similar. There's nothing quite like a visit to the English seaside :) x

    Katy |

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  8. What a beautiful post, I too often indulge myself by being a tourist in my own country haha!
    The picture of your parents with the sea in front of them is just incredible

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  9. Beautiful photos. I wish I lived nearer the coast! x

  10. Love your pictures, the colours are stunning! Also I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog


  11. I Googled Llandudno and it is now on my "To go too.." list!

  12. These are some brilliant photos :] x


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