The Capital | Part One.

Friday the 19th of June at 11.25 I put my pen down after finishing my last A level exam.

To celebrate the end of an era, my friend Georgia and I decided to head to the capital for a weekend of food, shopping, more food, and as it turned out, music.

Why is it whenever you have to be up really early the next morning it is near impossible to fall asleep? This is what I was asking myself at 2am Sunday morning; regardless, when my alarm went off a mere 4 hours later I sprung (fell) out of bed, applied (slapped) some makeup onto my face and ran (crawled) to the door. Our train was due to leave at 8:15 so I bought a hot chocolate and a chocolate twist (super healthy) to inject some sugar into my bloodstream and to keep me awake on the train... You'll begin to realise as I go on that chocolate was the theme for this trip... I don't think I have consumed so much in all my life...

Two and a half hours later we arrived at Euston, after being addressed as little marshmallows and "right kids" by the train manager over the speakerphone (Well done Virgin, that brightened my day). The sun was shining and it was flippin' hot; we had bought a meal deal at the station so we decided to head to Hyde Park for a picnic... Pretending we knew better than Siri who told us it would take 50 minutes to walk 2 miles... By the time we actually walked through Marble Arch, 49 minutes later (in your face Siri) we had to sit down... I didn't do my research, and as a result we found that British Summer Time was on and most of the park was closed off. We found a patch of grass just outside the gates and ate our lunch.

At about 3 O'clock a lady came over to us and asked if we had tickets to get in to the concert (for those of you who don't know British Summer Time is a festival on in Hyde Park over a number of days with different act headlining each night) assuming she was trying to sell us some we politely declined... She went on to tell us that she didn't want any money, just for the tickets to not go to waste as her friends had missed their flight and couldn't make it.

The rest of the day was spent eating Churros (with chocolate dipping sauce) and watching MIKA, FOXES, Chic and others... MIKA was amazing, although I still don't understand how anyone's voice reaches those notes; crazy. Kylie was headlining but we left before she performed to get back to our hotel, however we did see her on the sidelines along with Sam Smith, Cara Delevingne, and Bruno Tonioli. For a day where we had nothing planned, it wasn't half bad...

We walked for a further hour and a half to get back to Kings Cross where we were staying and called it a night. 

When I began writing this post I thought I was going write about the two days but apparently I write to much and so there will be a Part Two up tomorrow to save your eyes!

Were you there on Sunday? Or perhaps you've seen some of these artists too? Let me know down in the comments!

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