The Capital | Part Two.

Read about Part One *Here*

Monday morning was rainy... Which was sad because I was stupid enough to think that the rain in England would hold off for me and therefore didn't bring any item of clothing with a hood (Well done Alice) After quickly realising on Sunday that the weight of our backpacks and my shoes were not cut out for tramping all over London we decided to take the Tube up to Carnaby St. where we went for breakfast... In Choccywocckydoodah.. (Told you there was a theme) I had a white chocolate truffle milkshake, and George opted for a French Lemonade, and then to eat we both shared a Chocolate dipping pot with an array of cake and sweets to indulge in. If you're in the area, check it out... You won't regret it!

The sun then decided to make an appearance so we did a spot of shopping before heading to Covent Garden via Piccadilly Circus... We did yet more shopping and basked in the sun for a few hours before deciding that we needed a drink... We walked over to Leicester Square where I jumped on the chance for some Frozen Yoghurt from Snog (Mango, not chocolate). Frozen Yoghurt is my favourite thing, and I cannot express my love for it enough... Cafe Nero is where we ended up for a drink where I opted for an Orange San Pellegrino and George went for an Orange and Raspberry.. Something... I'm not sure what it was exactly, a blended thing.. you know the sort...

After deliberating for some time where we wanted to go for dinner, we decided on Pizza express where I went for a Chicken, Pepper, Red Onion and Cajun Pizza, and George went for Chicken and Pesto Pasta...  It went down pretty well although I swear Pizza wheels are useless and it takes me more time to cut it up than it does to eat it; George was done by the time it took me to get through my first piece.

Can you tell how much I love London?
By this time it was about 7:30 and we still had about an hour to kill before we had to head back to Euston. We suddenly realised that we'd been in London for well over 24 hours and we'd hardly seen any sights, (not that we hadn't seen them before but that's not the point). We worked out that the easiest way to do that would be to head over to Trafalgar Square for ten minute before jumping on the Tube to get back into Euston with 10 minutes to spare.

I can only apologise for anyone on our carriage back home... I literally couldn't stop laughing the whole way... You know when you're over-tired and you find everything funny? That.

As weekends go... It was one of the better one's I've ever experienced, it was so relaxed as we didn't have anything planned to start with... Everything that happened was decided on the spot and it'll definitely make me think twice in the future about planning trips with a schedule... Sometimes what you need is a little bit of spontaneity.

If you're more interested in the real touristy side of London, check out *this* post I wrote last year! What's your favourite thing to do in London?

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